Leicestershire Emus and Rheas
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There are no books published in this country about keeping Emus. The books I recommend are:

The Emu Farmer’s Handbook Vols 1 and 2 by Maria and Philip Minnaar

Volume 1 covers all you will need to know about starting with emus either for business or pleasure. I started with this book and found it really useful. If you keep emus just for pleasure volume 1 will no doubt cover all your needs. 178 pages and 15 chapters ranging from handling the birds, anatomy, nutrition, incubation to diseases and injuries. Well worth the money.

Volume 2
As a breeder and someone wanting to market emus in as many ways as possible I was delighted when volume 2 was written. It complements volume 1 with chapters comparing farming practices, more details about breeder birds, products – meat, leather and oil and finally a very interesting chapter about the other ratites. One excellent feature - it is fully referenced to volume 1. A definite must for your bookshelf.

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