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Hand Carved Emu Eggshells

Carved Emu Eggshells are unique.

The Emu eggshells are dark green in colour, with a matt surface – they look like an avocado but larger. The shell is made of 3 layers. If you carve off the dark outer layer a blue/green colour is below and if you carve even deeper a white layer will be revealed. I carve pictures and patterns into the eggshells revealing these natural colours. No paint is used.

The designs are all individually drawn and carved so every one will be unique. I never carve two the same.

The photographs below show some of my designs. If you buy one of the designs shown please remember it will vary slightly, yours will be similar but not exactly the same. For example: the same type of flower but a different position, so that your egg is unique. I can always add initials or bows and bells to the designs for particular occasions.


If you have something special you would like carved into an Emu eggshell please send a drawing or photograph and I will send a quote and some sketches for you to see before we confirm the order.

If you are thinking of a birthday, anniversary or Christmas present, please order in plenty of time. I need notice of at least a month.

Carved eggs can be supplied with or without a stand. The wooden stands are individually turned by a local craftsman especially for these eggs. I can also supply more decorative metal stands in either gold or silver coloured finish.

Prices: From £30 plus P & P and Insurance

Special Commissions also undertaken - quotations free.


Clock (Click to enlarge)


Round or oval clocks. Various decorations around the clock. The clocks can easily be removed to insert a new battery when required.
A clock also looks good in a rhea eggshell.

Winter (Click to enlarge)

Horizontal Designs

Collage of winter foliage and similar designs.


Snowdrops (Click to enlarge)


A popular winter flower. Looks very attractive carved into emu eggshells.

Raindrops (Click to enlarge)


A cut-away eggshell. Mainly abstract designs.


Initals (Click to enlarge)


Your initial in any font you choose with as little or as much decoration around it as you like.


Bouquet (Click to enlarge)


Nice wedding or anniversary present.


Rainbow Serpent

Aboriginal design showing the rainbow serpent which appears in many of their stories of creation.


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