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Emu Eggs

It is very large and is equivalent in weight to about 12 chickens eggs. It is excellent for baking or feeding a family. It is not strong flavoured and can be eaten scrambled, fried or hard boiled. It also makes good omelettes.
If you make a hole very carefully in the eggshell to get the egg out you also have a beautiful, unusual eggshell to display.

Emu Egg Facts
• A medium sized emu egg weighs about 1lb 4oz (565g)
• The yolks are pale yellow
• They have a mild yet tasty flavour
• Emu eggs are very good for baking
• They can be scrambled, fried, hard boiled and used in omelettes
• In the shell, they will keep in the refrigerator for 2 months
• In a container, they can be stored in the freezer for up to 1 year.

Comparison of Emu Egg with Chicken Egg
(figures from AEA’s Nutritional Analysis of Emu Eggs)

Chicken eggs contain approximately 65% white and 35% yolk,
Emu eggs contain approximately 55% white and 45% yolk.

A 100g serving of chicken egg contains 140kcal of energy
A 100g serving of emu egg contains 192kcal of energy – because the yolk is where the fat is found.

Nutritional Analysis:

  %Moisture %Protein %Lipids %Cholesterol
Emu Egg 67.2 11.9 16.0 0.89
Chicken Egg 75.8 11.95 10.2 0.43

The higher fat and cholesterol levels in the emu egg are related to the fact that the yolk is larger in proportion to the white than in a chicken egg.


Baking: Your usual recipes can be used but the egg will have to weighed (50g of emu egg = 1 x chickens egg)

Omelette and scrambled egg can be prepared in the usual way. The yolk of the emu egg is very pale so the result will be paler in colour than when using a chickens eggs.

Hard Boiled Egg: A medium sized emu egg will take approximately 1hour 45minutes to cook.

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