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Emu Meat - The Healthy Option

Emu meat is a red meat very similar to beef in both taste and texture. It has perhaps a more delicate flavour so is versatile - you can cook it using your existing favourite recipes.

Emu Meat is GOOD for You
Emu meat is a healthy, nutritious, red meat. It is very low in fat, so no fat has to be trimmed away. It is very low in cholesterol and yet high in protein.

Availability of Emu Meat
Due to the lack of suitable processing facilities in the UK, it is very difficult to source this meat.

Emu meat is all rump and drumstick, there is no breast meat. The top quality steaks are the fillet steaks and can be cooked as you would a beef fillet steak. They are best served still pink in the middle. Cooking for too long will dry the meat making it tough. You need a hot pan or griddle and cook for only a few minutes according to thickness of steak.

Remove the meat from the bag. If frozen, the meat must be defrosted before cooking. Use a paper towel to dry the natural fluids from the surface of the meat before putting into a hot pan. As there is so little fat in the meat it should be cooked quickly, at a high temperature. Do not overcook or the meat will become dry and so lose its tenderness.
Fillet and frying steaks: The minimum of fat or oil is required to fry or grill Emu Fillet Steaks, use just enough to moisten the surface of the steak or you can cook it in a dry frying pan. Sear the steaks first at a high temperature then reduce a little to cook. If you like your steaks rare, cook a 1" thick steak for 3 minutes each side. If you prefer a medium rare, then cook for 4 minutes each side. Remember: overcooking reduces the tenderness and spoils the delicate flavour. Leg steaks are particularly delicious if marinated before being fried or grilled. Suggestion: Fresh herbs in olive oil or your favourite marinade can be used.

Mince: Emu mince cooks very quickly in a frying pan. Stir fry for a few minutes in a lightly greased, hot pan. You will see juices run from the meat but not fat. Stir until the meat is browned all over all over, then add some stock and simmer for 20 - 30 minutes. Mince is so versatile - you can add your preferred chopped or diced vegetables to serve with pastas or rice, as a bolognaise, in pastry, in cabbage or vine leaves, layered in a dish with fresh seasonal vegetables and no doubt you have many other favourite ways of serving mince.

Burgers: Fry or grill as you would serve beef burgers.

Liver and heart may also be available and can be cooked using the same recipes for cooking any other type of liver or heart.

Delicately flavoured sauces are ideal for accompanying Emu. It is suggested that once the meat is cooked you add the sauce to the meat at serving time.


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